Environmental-language educational daily camp 2014 in Rajec

LBT 2014Environmental-language educational daily camp was organized from 28th to 8th of august 2014 within project SMAPUDE_LIFE. The main organizer was BIOMASA, co-organizers were VIVEUS language school in Zilina, OZ TILIA from Rajec and Catholic combined school from Rajec.

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Investments in the future generations

VprostrediBIOMASA Association has a difficult role. We are almost 20 years working on the promotion of what were given to us – renevable energy resources (sun, wind, water, biomass). Even in this sector came various lobbying and fraud and, therefore, we must constantly defend defamation. The truth is that the fundamental duty of every nation is the rational use of first importance what we have received from God. Slovakia got a lot of biomass and water, adequately sun and wind. It is up to people (politicians or businessman) but also it is up to each of us to behave reasonably to our resources. It means – not plunder forests, not destroying everything that lives but we have to use of waste. BIOMASA Association try this long years.


Networking with LIFE+ projects in Italy

Meeting in Motta di Livenza, Gualdo Tadino, Bologna, Merano (Italy)

Business meeting was organized within implementation of project SMAPUDE_LIFE – Strategic manage and planning use of domestic energy - LIFE12 INF/SK/000165. The representative of project team were participate on meeting from BIOMASA.

One from the activities of the project is to establish cooperation "Networking activity" with LIFE+ projects and so the main goal was meeting with Italian coordinators they are responsible for implementation their own projects. Another objective of the mission was to promote results of project SMAPUDE_LIFE, due to the fact that the project is aimed at increasing the efficient use of renewable energy sources, especially biomass and solar energy and project with their focus will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.


New Ecology and Energy no. 6

BIOMASA Association participated on conference „Circular economy" in Brussels, which was part of GREEN WEEK event. We also receive award BEST LIFE ENVIRONMENT PROJECT 2013.

More about event you can read in article – Circular economy and BEST, wich was published this week in NNC.

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