BIOMASA obtained an exclusive project

BIOMASA, association of legal entities obtained very important support to promote the use of biomass from LIFE + program of the European Commission - Information dissemination as the only. It was approved only 10 project from the 158 projects in Europe. The project title is SMAPUDE - Strategic manage and planning use of domestic energy and it will focus mainly on promoting and support the use of biomass and solar energy.


BIOMASA was successful in challange: World you like

Although BIOMASA, association of legal entities in Pan-European vote didn´t receive to final evaluation of the "World you like challenge" but from the 269 registered projects attracted attention.


Start of cooperation with secondary schools

"Scheduled events and activities for secondary schools students in accordance with project



Fake BIOMASA pellets!

BIOMASA, Association of Legal entities found out fake pellets, which are packaged to the sacks similar with BIOMASA sacks and they are packaged with cheating.