Energy week 2012

European Sustainable Energy Week 2012 for children was organized by BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities on the 18.6. - 22.6.2012. It was the 5th year of these event organized by BIOMASA. This event was focused on environmental benefits of use renewable energy sources, mainly biomass and wood pellets. Event was designed especially for primary school students to present benefits of use renewable energy sources for heating and environmental friendly energy production. 51 students of the primary school Kysucky Lieskovec took part in BIOMASA’s satellite event.


The Euro as a plus

The backbone of the Slovakian renewable energy strategy is that bioenergy and foreign investors show an interest. While the country’s biomass in solid and liquid form is already making good progress, biogas has to catch up.

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EU urges wider financing of sustainable growth projects

The European Union looks set to overhaul the way renewable energy projects and power grids are financed, launching a new type of infrastructure bond and converging the EU's tangle of overlapping subsidies, writes Reuters. European leaders (European Council) will meet in Brussels for a February 4 summit to reconcile an EU goal of getting 20 percent energy from renewable sources by 2020 with a debt crisis that has driven several EU countries to the brink of insolvency.


Seminar - Fast growing plant species

The seminar – "Potential of unused areas for biomass production and fast growing plant species for energy production" was organized by BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities within implementation of project DANUBENERGY.