BIOMASA in cooperation with the civil association Tilia was involved in the planting of fruit trees in the workshop FRUIT Relay organized by the Civic Association Tilia.

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On Saturday, on 18th April 2015, the volunteers gathered in the park Drienova together and planted more than 70 seedlings of fruit trees and had taken care about their protection against biting forest animals. Volunteers who participated in this action has not discouraged nor snow, rain and wind and at the end of the day had enjoyed a successful event. Photo documentation of this event you can see here.

Biomass presents by his action the use of domestic and local resources that nature provides us. In the implementation of the project SMAPUDE_LIFE (LIFE12 INF/SK/000165) with this workshop seeks to raise interest in old varieties, orchards, promote volunteering, diversify the country, combine historical and natural values, draw attention to regional attractions.


Environmental-language educational daily camp 2014 in Rajec

LBT 2014Environmental-language educational daily camp was organized from 28th to 8th of august 2014 within project SMAPUDE_LIFE. The main organizer was BIOMASA, co-organizers were VIVEUS language school in Zilina, OZ TILIA from Rajec and Catholic combined school from Rajec.

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Information sheet of LIFE program

On the website of the European Commission of program LIFE is regularly published an overview of projects in individual countries. Report was updated in early June 2014 where the Slovak project CHEFUB - "Creative highly effective and efficient use of biomass" of BIOMASA won the prestigious award BEST LIFE ENVIRONMENT PROJECT.

For more information, please read here. 



Development despite the difficulties

BIOMASA in recent days has implemented within the promotion of the use of biomass professional seminar "Options biomass processing - types of fuels from biomass", which was part of the opening ceremony of laying the foundation stone of Biomass logistics center and set itself the task of increasing the use of domestic raw materials, efficient production of domestic biofuels, employ people, reduce greenhouse gas pollution and in particular help reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports from Russia. Slovakia its attention focuses on the use of nuclear energy, fossil fuel imports mainly from Russia. Read more in the current issue of the Nové noviny centrum, where General Director of BIOMASA - Ladislav Zidek summed unflattering view of the current situation of support the use of renewable energy sources in Slovakia. Article can be found on page 8.