LIFE and climate change mitigation writes about BIOMASA projects

LIFE has been one of the main sources of funding for demonstration projects that have explored ways to facilitate the implementation and enforcement of EU climate mitigation policy and legislation throughout the Union.

LIFE has backed nearly 120 relevant renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects since 2000. The most-supported project categories in clude biogas production from wastewater treatment plants or closed landfills (31 projects), energy-efficient buildings (27 projects), biofuel production (19 projects) and biomass production (15 projects). Whilst new technologies or governance models can continue to be successfully at the local level, there is a need for more projects addressing the development of low-emission strategies at regional or sub-regional levels or within specific sectors. There is also a need for more work to address barriers that prevent market penetration of renewables and energy-efficient technologies. Given the growing demand for forest-sourced biomass feedstock, there is room also to expand the number of LIFE projects promoting agroforestry and sustainable forest management. With the launch of the Climate Action sub-programme, LIFE strengthens its position as a means of developing and demonstrating innovative renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies and methodologies. It can therefore enhance the extent of its contribution towards the achievement of EU climate policy objectives. For details on LIFE can be seen in the LIFE and Climate change mitigation (p. 7). In this publication, p. 33, relation to the reduction of CO2 emissions with combustion quality pellets, can be found information about the project CHEFUB, which has been successfully implemented by project team BIOMASA.