BIOMASA sold and delivered quality - certified pellets

ENplus SK007BIOMASA, Association of legal entities is a reseller of pellets of BIOPEL, and. s., which was granted the certificate quality ENplus A1 on May 22, 2015. BIOPEL thus ranks among the seven producers of certified pellets in Slovakia.

Class ENplus A1 is a first-class quality used in household boilers. Pellets are produced only from chemically untreated wood residues from sawmills bark without additives, and may contain up to 0.7% ash. Certification body TÜV NORD Czech, Ltd. in accordance with the contract Cluster Czech pellet z.s.p.o. has granted to Company BIOPEL , ENplus certificate registration number, thus confirming that BIOPEL meets all requirements for certification of wood pellets for heating purposes. Purchase the highest quality pellets ENplus certification ensures that the pellets are well-produced, stored and will be delivered to you without losing their valuable qualities.

It is also certified storage, transport and sale of tanks free sprinkled pellets.