Sadly, but it goes further

The European Commission has published an overview of the best projects aimed at protecting the environment that you can download.

Best LIFE Project 2014

Any Slovak representative has not got the awarded projects. It's sad, but it reflects the real relationship over Slovakia on the protection of nature and environment (although every day the media from all receiving reports how we're doing excellent).

Best Life Project bearers remain so for Slovakia remain the only two organizations who are currently implementing a number of projects aimed at protecting the environment and nature.

In 2009, the first organization in the category was awarded BEST NATURE NATURE LIFE project NGO Raptor protection of Slovakia for project AQUILA HELIACA (LIFE03 NAT/SK/000098).

In the category of Environment received their award of Best LIFE Environment Project representatives BIOMASA in 2013. BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities for CHEFUB project (LIFE08 ENV/SK/000240).

Best LIFE Project 2013.pngLIFE program is a financial instrument of the European Union to support projects in the fields of environment, nature protection and climate across the EU. Since 1992, LIFE has co-financed 4,171 projects with a total contribution of about € 3.4 billion euro for environmental protection and climate change.

LIFE program contributes to sustainable development and to achieving the objectives and plans of basic documents defined EU - 2020 Strategy, 7th Environmental Action Plan of the EU and other relevant documents of the EU's environmental and climate change.

Ladislav Zidek