Summer biomass camp 2016

LBT 2016BIOMASA, Association of legal entities organized several annual summer biomass camp and this year was held in the third year within the project SMAPUDE_LIFE. At Week 18 - 22/07/2016 camp was attended by 42 children from Rajec and ambient surroundings of Kysuce and also from Levoca. For the participants of the camp was ready interesting, educational as well as experiential rich program.

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BIOMASA prepared the program together with Catholic United School Rajec (KSS) and civic associations TILIA. Given the theme of the day program took place in the premises of the KSS and part of the program in the park at Drienová in Rajec. Children were classified into five age-related groups - bees, fruiterer, herbalists, conservationists, foresters. Every day was waiting for them a rich program focused on environmental protection and renewable energy - primarily biomass, which contributes to reducing emissions on our planet. An interesting program that instructors prepare touched on various topics related to healthy upbringing of children and youth, both building their positive relation to nature but also to other people and to ourselves.

During the week were carried out various activities on the topics which mainly based on from activities which BIOMASA is deals with in Drienová Park. Participants had the opportunity to train in the field of renewable energy sources to them simple and attractive way explained. They learned to classify biomass according origin or source of energy use. They had the opportunity to determine the purity of the water by a simple procedure and determine whether it is suitable for drinking or appear in it substances that pollute it.

They could be creative, as much as possible, in workshops for the preparation of wax ornaments, candles, decorating glass bottles, which they were filled with honey. They could try burning technology for decorating wooden boards of different inscriptions or drawings and also a technique whereby a vybúchali various inscriptions on a piece metal sheet.

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Every day we could try a healthy delicious bread, baked by the children themselves..

The orchard in the Park Drienová the participants were acquainted with the different varieties of fruit trees to which gives an described sign and to be informative and to serve other park visitors.

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During the camp, thanks to the six oldest students continue constructing the hrádzok Drienová in the Park, which in last year's camp were built. Under the leadership of Mr. hydrologist Kravčík managed to build several hrádzok, which will be used to collect water for irrigation and thus soil. The afternoon program attended professional lectures where they learned a lot of useful information about water, its circulation in nature, and how to maintain stance to water retention we should .

On Thursday St. Mass in Durcina was for God's help and protection of all participants LBT 2016 (Vdp. Pavel Zidek) - for children, students, educators, parents, grandparents and other relatives.

Photos from of all the camp see in the photogallery.

Regional television Severka visited Summer biomass camp and has made an interesting report, which can be found published on the link LBT 2016.