We save energy and nature by renewable energy sources

BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities in the framework of the Sustainable Energy Campaign in Europe, organized an event "We save Energy and Nature with Renewable Energy Sources".

The event took place on 8 June 2017 and was attended by approximately 200 adults and children from the elementary schools in the surrounding Rajec. The theme of renewable energy sources was explained in a creative and innovative way.

The rich program was co-organized with BIOMASA by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), companies THERMO|SOLAR Ziar and BIOPEL and Tilia Civic Association. The event took place in the open air at Park Drienova near Rajec.

The children were divided into groups by classes and gradually passed through individual stages. There was another activity waiting for each stage. They have had the opportunity to test the strength of the wind, the electrical conductivity of fruit and vegetables, the consumption of commonly used electric appliances, the use of biofuels in the form of biofuels in practice, the use of solar energy, and also the benefits of behavior of bees and other domestic animals in Slovakia, the cultivation of various crops and fruits. Participants and children, for their own eyes, saw the use of biomass and solar energy in a new training center and a special horse-propelled vehicle on which solar installations for hot water and solar energy are installed.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of renewable energy sources in an effective form of environmental education that greatly influences the behavior of people in the country. We believe that the devastation of nature and climate change is closely linked to the low level of environmental human consciousness. Its development at the very early age helps to slow down the degradation process and improve the state of the environment. Environmental education in childhood is the foundation for the concept of sustainable development, to which we have committed ourselves as a country.

The use of renewable energy sources (RES) is the basis for a sustainable future and, by 2020, they have clear objectives for their development. They are both environmentally and economically advantageous. BIOMASA as a non-profit organization 100% also in the production of pellets uses electricity exclusively from RES and leads both the wide and professional public. It promotes the use of biomass, especially wood pellets. Children have explained that climate change and pollution of natural resources due to the extensive use of non-renewable resources will be felt by the next generation.

We see an important aspect in environmental education in preferring creative approaches to classical methods. That is why we have chosen to disseminate information that keeps the attention of even the youngest age group.

The children had the opportunity to see and try out on their own skin the rules of nature and leave the event to fulfill the enthusiasm, energy and hope that new knowledge.

The event was organized under SMAPUDE_LIFE - Strategic Management and Planning of Home Energy Utilization, for which BIOMASA won the prestigious National Energy Globe Award 2017.

The project is implemented under the LIFE program and this year celebrates the 25th anniversary of its foundation. BIOMASA has been involved in celebrating the LIFE program by organizing this interesting event for children with a rich and creative program. The event was attended by the representative of the European Commission Mr. Stefan Welin and praised the practical demonstrations of the use of renewable energy sources.