Ecoclub from Ukraine visited BIOMASA

Ecoclub ukrajina23.9.2018 - Ecoclub in Rivne from Ukraine visited Association BIOMASA. This visit was a part of the information visit in Czech and Slovak republic organised with Heinrich Boll foundation from Kyjev. Several deputies of local governments from Ukraine participated, interested in future development of biomass energy co-operatives in Ukraine. Ecoclub intended to showcase the successful projects focused on renewables. The participants were interested in structure and activities as well as organisation and project activities. Successful project SMAPUDE_LIFE was presented, intended to raise awareness on the use of biomass and solar energy among various target groups in Slovakia. Successful promotion of local renewable energy sources was a challenge towards a smart, efficient and sustainable heating in buildings contributing to CO2 emissions reduction. This was the opportunity for the participants to be insipred by the activities focused on cooperation with local governements, as well as schools and public. 


At the end the exkcursion to wood pellets production line was organised where the complex approach for the pellets production was highlited. 

Ukraine has the largest bioenergy resource potential of all the European  countries. At the same time its energy infrastructure is primarily based on the Soviet energy model with significant dependency on natural gas and coal. EU analysis of biomass resources emphasise that these resources are easily available but there is an absence of knowledge for efficient utilisation of this resource. The need for a knowledge transfer and experience change is obvious.