Practical environmental climate eduaction that makes a difference

climate education BIOMASAThe global policy and scientific community today undoubtedly accept that human activities cause global climate change. Accordingly, important efforts are required to be made for bringing environmental climate education to one of the top priorities for a global response providing new patterns of behavior towards the climate. Although the development of environmental education is an important international objective, this area still experiences numerous problems.

The gaps identified in current education in Slovakia are needed to be bridged by mutual cooperation of informal education organizations as well as effective financial support and policy development on the governmental level. There is a growing recognition that the environmental education system in Slovakia must make major changes. The majority of the Slovak schools include environmental education under the other school subjects only as a formality. Environmental education is usually dealt with just like all other school subjects and crucial is the absence of teachers training and further professional development as well. 

When it comes to a problem as immense as climate change, the long-term impact of environmental climate education can be significantly proved by changes in individual choices about everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. In response, significant efforts must be undertaken to provide new patterns of behavior towards climate matters.

BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities has always been taking a significantly responsible attitude to public awareness and education in climate change issues. Support for increased use of renewable energy sources, wood pellets, and solar energy, in particular, has been the major intent for the last 20 years. Today the Association switch the overarching intent to the most pressing problem in Slovakia and worldwide along with a demonstration of a climate change solution no one's talking about - Better Land Use. BIOMASA established a demonstration area with symbolic name BIOCLIMATIC PARK in 2014. After 5 years the restoration efforts bring the immense values for the previously degraded agricultural land. The practical activities are in particular based on simple, nature-friendly but effective ecosystem-based measures on water retention, soil restoration, and biodiversity conservation worthy to share and raise awareness on. We believe we can do it better but financial support for the non-profit organizations is crucial to spread our ideas. Thank you for sharing.