Summer biomass camp 2012

"Summer biomass Camp 2012" for children was organized by BIOMASA, Association of legal entities in historical town Banska Stiavnica on 15th – 22nd July 2012. It was organized within the LIFE+ project implementation: " Creative high efficient and effective use of biomass". The camp was designed for primary school children.

The camp was held in historic building Hostel st. Juraj in the centre of Banska Stiavnica. Theaimofcamp was to increase of public awareness of renewable energy and efficiency. Camp activities were focused on environmental education, on to raise awareness of youth and effective and efficient use of biomass in the practice.

32 children of various age groups were attended on the camp from surrounding of towns Rajec, Kysuce and Hrustin.


BIOMASA prepared rich and interesting program for children – lectures, practical demonstration and contest (in cooperation with organization SIEA Banska Bystrica) workshops with pellets, presentations, walking trips in nature, sports activities.

Task of lectures were through simple way to inform children about renewable resources of energy, protection of nature, production and use of biomass- mainly wooden pellets to building heating and hot water. Children attended the program „Live with energy in summer camps“ which prepared Slovak innovation and energy agency. This program was focused on use different kinds of renewable energy resources. Workshops allowed to develop imagination, along with environmental awareness, the children of wood pellets create a variety of interesting subjects.



Children visited pick Sitno (1009,2 m above sea level), which belong into the largest Slovak protected area, walked nature trail called „on the vein Terezia“. They visited more interesting places for example: Banska Stiavnica´s Calvary on Ostry hill, New and Old castle and mineral exposition at the mining museum which consist of about 400 minerals.


A few walks to forests and meadows in surrounding of Banska Stiavnica were organized during the week.

Sightseeing tours and relaxing on the mining museum at nature and in the thermal pool Sklené Teplice revived their camp experiences and the quantities allowed to know surrounding of Banska Stiavnica.

Rich program also consist of sports activities on playground (football, volleyball, tenis etc.) different contests, pingpong, cultural program in the centre of Banská Štiavnica, disco and as well as an evening barbecue at the fire.

On Friday, 20.07.2012 at the open day has parents and public opportunity to come and see environment and activities of Summer biomass camp 2012.


Documenting the successful conduct of the camp, many smiles and feelings of happiness and joy on the faces of children as well as many memorable experiences throughout the camp, but also disappointed that a week has passed them unexpectedly quickly. Beautiful environment historical Banská Štiavnica was ideal place for successful organization and conduct of the biomass of summer camp. BIOMASA representatives are pleased to be able to organize the children engaging non-fiction environmental action in the coming years will certainly continue these activities.