BIOMASS – CLEAN ENERGY 23 – 24 March 2006

Conference was held under the patronage of Juraj Blanar, president of Zilina Self-governing region. The aim of the conference was to inform about results and experiences with the implementation of the investment project aimed on wood pellets utilization and to create a space for presentation of experiences and concrete possibilities of problem solutions in the field of biomass utilization in Slovakia.



The attention was laid especially to the newest information on biomass heating, mainly by wood pellets, to experiences with boilers installation and reconstruction for wood pellets, but also for other kinds of biomass and to possibilities of wood chips production. Experiences with biomass utilization in Czech Republic were presented by Regional Energy Center Valasske Mezirici. New projects and activities of BIOMASA Association for information and awareness rising in the field of biomass utilization in Slovakia within international projects have been also presented.

The second day, the meeting continued in BIOMASA Association premises in Kysucky Lieskovec. Participants discussed about advantages and problems connected with installation and following operation of pellet boiler rooms. They visited also boiler room combusting wood pellets and factory for wood pellet production.

During the event there was realized first meeting of Steering committee of the international project ACCESS - Accelerated Penetration of Small-Scale Biomass and Solar Technologies, realised within the program Intelligent Energy for Europe.
The conference was attended by 120 participants - representatives of different fields – regional and local self-governments, ministries, companies, universities, planners of heating systems and laic public. In the second day 60 participants took part in conference.

Prominent guests:
Katarina Novakova, General Director of the Section of Foreign support and international relations, Ministry of Environment of SR and also National Project Director of project implemented by BIOMASA Association
Nato Alhazishvili, Deputy director of UNDP/Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS, Regional Support Center in Bratislava
Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kupper, Monitoring Team for projects LIFE, financing by EU
Libor Lenza, Regional Energy Center,Valašské Meziřičí
Pavol Holestiak, Director of the Office of the Žilina self-governing region
Jan Novak, “Chief state adviser”, Energy section of Ministry of Economy of SR
Juraj Hamas, Ministry of Agriculture of SR

Realised within the frame of projects:
POVYBIOM – Support of biomass utilization in border regions of Slovak and Czech republic
Integrated Logistic for Use of Biomass Energy in Slovakia - Reducing Greenhouse gas Emission through the Use of Biomass Energy in Northwest Slovakia
ACCESS - Accelerated Penetration of Small-Scale Biomass and Solar Technologies