International conference was held on 9 - 10 October in Zilina under the auspices of the Minister of the Environment Laszlo Miklos, who personally attended the conference.

The conference was divided into three parts:
1.Funding opportunities for environmental and energy projects
2.The use of biomass - Cross-Border Cooperation
3.Large investment project of BIOMASA Associations in Slovakia

The first day of the conference was dedicated to financing opportunities for environmental and energy projects and cross-border cooperation project "Strategy for the use of biomass in Slovakia - Polish border region“.
As part of the first day was the excursion to the newly installed boiler room for combustion of wood biomass in Lubochna with total capacity 2.5 MW. The boiler room provides heating of two buildings of the National Institute of endocrinology and diabetes, Municipal Office Lubochna, Lubochna Primary school and Nursery school. The boiler room was launched on 1 October 2003.

The second day was devoted to investment project of BIOMASA Association "Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Use of Biomass Energy in Northwest Slovakia – Integrated logistic for Use of Biomass Energy“. This project was considered to be the largest environmental and energy project in Slovakia. Within this project the central processing unit for wood pellet production in Kysucky Lieskovec was constructed and 44 boiler rooms for wood pellet burning was reconstructed. The project "Integrated logistics for the use of biomass energy“ presented by BIOMASA Association was the first project in Slovakia which received the financial suport from the European Commission LIFE - Environment, which supports innovative projects that contribute to environmental protection. During the second day the foundation stone of „Central processing unit for wood pellet producion in Kysucky Lieskovec“ was officially laid.

The conference was attended by representatives of self-governments and NGOs from Poland and Slovakia, government representatives, experts and scholars, guests from Slovakia and abroad, with whom the Association has wide-ranging cooperation, BIOMASA Association members and the general public interested in issues of biomass.

Prominent guests home:
Mr. Laszlo Miklos, Minister of Environment of the SR
Mrs. Daniela Kobeticova, General Director of Section of environmental programs implementation, the Ministry of Environment
Mr. Maros Judiak, Section implementation of environmental programs, the Ministry of Environment
Mr. Gernot Daumann, vice president of Dexia banka Slovensko a. s.
Mr. Rastislav Vrbensky, Regional Coordinator of the United Nations Development Program - UNDP / GEF
Mr. Peter Muska, the European Commission Delegation in Slovakia
Mrs. Kvetoslava Soltesova, Director of agency operations section of the Slovak Energy Agency, the Ministry of Economy
Mrs. Eva Durisova, Ministry of Construction and Regional Development
Mr. Jozef Urmin, Ministry of Economy
Mr. Andrej Dorcik, Head of Staff of the Authority on Zilina

Prominent foreing guests:
Mr. Remo Savoia, Member of the external team for the LIFE Environment Program
Mr. Zbigniew Kołat, Mayor Jordanov
Mr. Kryzstof Owczarek, Mayor of Zakopane
Mr. Adam Gula, Professor AGH University in Krakow, Poland
Mr. Zygmunt Kuc, representatives of the Polish Association for the Sustainable Energy Development
Mr. Ryszard Janiszewski, Deputy of Centre for small business initiatives and development association

Conference BIOMASS – source of clean energy

Laying the foundation stone CPU in Kysucký Lieskovec