19 June 2009 - The conference was held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the BIOMASA Association foundation and in the framework of the project “BIOMASS – Chance for Slovakia”, which was supported by Living Energy Fund – Ekopolis foundation with the partner - ZSE Energia.

Dissemination and presentation of experience and knowledge is one of the most effective methods of acquiring new clients for using of biomass. BIOMASA, Association of legal entities prepared the project "BIOMASS - chance for Slovakia”, which was aimed to promote biomass, because biomass is the most widely available in Slovakia and there is also much practical experience of its efficient use.


The goal of the conference "BIOMASS - Chance for Slovakia" was to show to participants that the biomass is very good, stable and safe energy source for heating various public buildings and private households. Registered participants learnt about the technical, financial and organizational aspects how such heating system can work. It was provided to participants funding opportunities for investment costs and details of boiler technology that is most widespread in Slovakia and provides reliable and efficient heating solution with ensured full service. The conference participants can further expand this knowledge.

Presented presentation clearly showed that BIOMASA Association during the 10 years of its activities reaches that the use of renewable energy sources can be implemented in practice, as evidenced by the successful implementation of the large-scale project "Integrated logistics for the use of biomass energy - ILUBE - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy from biomass in the northwestern part of Slovakia. Consistent and conscientious work of all employees BIOMASA Association had built the biggest factory for pellet production in Slovakia and reconstructed 44 boiler rooms fromfossil fuel to wood pellets. This factory has been operated for 5 years.

Accompanying actions of the Conference:

"Open Door Days in pellet boiler rooms", which took place from 15 June to 19 June 2009. During the open door days visits in the biomass boiler room were realised together with professional interpretation on technology for pellet burning and their operation in several boiler rooms in the Orava, Liptov, Povazie and Kysuce region. The boiler rooms in various institutions of government which use the biomass heating system for long time were presented to participants. Expert interpretation in the boiler rooms was provided by individual operators of the boiler room according to the relevant region. These operators have long time experience with operation of the biomass boiler rooms.

"Open Door Day in the pellet production plant”, which took place on 19 June 2009 in Central Processing Unit for pellet production (CPU) in Kysucky Lieskovec. Open Day at the CPU started with presentation on the production of wood pellets and the possibilities of using renewable energy sources and continued with the show of wood pellet production area and the entire production line.