Activity program and process: 1.Discussion on environmental protection focused on reduction of the fossil fuel consumption
The discussion were started from knowledge and experiences of schoolchildren gained from foregoing activities in last years (forest tree nursery visit, eco-educational programs about the forest and its utilization by a man, activities from environmental care field, carpenter workshop and rising waste). By controlled dialogue and brainstorming method we studied a relation between a pellet usage and fossil fuel consumption and their connection with the environmental protection. The discussion task was the explanation/accentuation of our duty to care about the environment and its position in the Christian values of nowadays man.

2.Lecture on pellet production and utilization

During the lecture with the pellets demonstration and with usage of photos from wood pellet production plant – BIOMASA Association in Kysucky Lieskovec the schoolchildren heard about pellets, various types of pellets, pellet production from sawdust and pellet further processing (packaging, …).

Information about various ways of wood pellet utilization attracted the schoolchildren interest (besides using for heating the pellets can be used as a wooden litter for small animals).

3.Workshops with pellet utilization

During two afternoons the schoolchildren made different products – visual arts creations from the pellets supplied by BIOMASA Association. Except the pellets they used a glue, tempera paints, natural materials, paper.

The children worked individual or in the group. Thanks to their patient work we could admire pellet blockhouses, lady-clock, boiler fired by pellets, camp tent and other interested creations.Program a priebeh aktivít:



Summer pelet camp Photogallery: