Training „Small biomass heating systems and their combination with solar panels“ 13 June 2007 in Oskerda

BIOMASA Association organized on 13. June 2007 in Ranc Oskedra the training aimed on decision makers from local and regional levels – municipalities employers of regional administration, mainly environmental and building offices, universities, as well as general public interested on this field.
The program was organised through presentations, description of practical problems and solutions as well as successful realisations. Practical visit of nearby pellet boiler room in school Povina and presentation of pellet stoves were offered to interested persons at the end of the day.

Target technologies: small biomass heating systems (forcefully to pellets ones) in combination with solar systems (mainly hot water preparation systems)

Training theses:

  • availability of wood fuels in Slovakia, market with wood, chips and pellets in Slovakia
  • potential and possibilities of solar energy utilisation in Slovakia
  • wood biomass as fuel emissions
  • wood biomass heating systems division, types of appliances, the most frequent systems,
  • technologies of wood fuels heating – components, construction
  • pellet heating systems – different technologies, fuel supply, storage tank, control technology, regulation
  • connection to heating system, principles of boilers operation
  • combination of wood biomass heating with solar energy solar hot water and solar thermal assisted system
    - Principles, technologies, devices, planning and dimensioning, principles for installation
    - Alternatives of combined systems, dimensioning, systems interconnection – principles
    - Strengths and weaknesses of solar systems, the most frequent mistakes during design, installation and operation
  • examples of realisations – individual houses, school and municipal building
  • economic calculations, actual/planned possibilities for financial support of small biomass and solar systems for households and municipalities