BIOMASA Association from Kysucky Lieskovec has organized a competition in collecting cones with the slogan “Heating is also possible with cones” in cooperation with primary schools in member municipalities. The competition was launched in April 2007, the month of forests. Five primary schools, with 39 classes from Klokočov, Kysucky Lieskovec, Lubochna, Povina and Zariecie participated.The main idea of the competition was to make children and young people aware of the issue of biomass being a renewable energy source, bringing closer the possibilities of its using and the reasons why it is necessary to use renewable resource of energy.By the means of own experiences and game children and young people get information that wood and wood waste are one of the most ecological ways of heating and that they are mainly renewable source of energy.


There was a great interest of children in the competition as it was proved by the amount of collected cones – 10 tons. The all collected material was consequently burnt in the boilers for the wood biomass, which are operated by the Association BIOMASA. Part of each competition is also awarding and the public statement of the winners and therefore the awarding ceremonywas held in the headquarters of the BIOMASA Association in Kysucky Lieskovec on 24 May 2007. The largest quantity of cones, 6 232 kg, were collected by the schoolchildren from the primary school in Záriečie. During the ceremony, the director of the winning primary school in Záriečie, Mr. Štefan Húževka said that competition had not only brought the role of the biomass heating more closer but moreover the children taking part in the competition actively spent their free time by collecting cones in the forest and even involved their parents or grandparents into the activity.

At the awarding ceremony there were awarded the most successful class and the person from each school. All awards and diplomas were handed to the children by the director of BIOMASA Association Dr. Ladislav Zidek. Premium of the ceremony was the excursion to the wood pellets manufacture in Kysucký Lieskovec.