Training Modern technologies to produce and use wood fuels for heating 22 – 23 May 2007

BIOMASA organised training cours on the topic “Modern technologies to produce and use wood fuels for heating” in Žilina from 22. to 23. May 2007. The training was organised in the regions of the Northwest Slovakia, where BIOMASA is active and where several installations and sites for visits are available. In addition, majority of partner institution involved are from/or nearby Zilina region. Nevertheless, participants were almost from the whole Slovakia. The training was organised with expert support in preparation and lectures from Zilina University.

The training was a part of the wider event with broader linking themes on biomass utilisation, with attendance of more participants from different sectors.

Target group: decision makers from local/regional level, forest owners, energy companies.

The training course was organised under the wider event "Possibilities of local heating and production of electricity from biomass“. Part of the event was also workshop on production of electricity from biomass. The organisers of the whole event were BIOMASA and Department of Energy Technology of Zilina University.

Topics of production of biomass fuels and heat with modern technologies were included into the broader theme of biomass utilisation in Slovakian conditions. Methods of presentations were tailored to different target groups of participants with different level of experiences. The program was organised through presentations, description of practical problems and solutions as well as successful realisations.

Training continued also the next day in Kysucky Lieskovec – where interested training participants could deeply discuss specific topics related to technologies and their operation with experts from BIOMASA and Zilina University, as well as to visit pellet production and biomass boiler rooms in nearby Povina and Kysucky Lieskovec.