The World Sustainable Energy Days 2007

The international conference World Sustainable Energy Days 2007 was held from 28 February to 2 March 2007 in Wels/Austria, a great success with more than 1000 participants from 61 countries! BIOMASA association from Kysucky Lieskovec participated in this conference.
The World Sustainable Energy Days 2007 offered a unique combination of events:

  • European Pellets Conference
  • European Energy Efficiency Conference
  • Conference "Energy Future 2030"
  • Seminar "Rural Development & sustainable energy"
  • Site Visits

Continuing a long tradition of successful international conferences and exhibitions already held in Wels/Austria, the World Sustainable Energy Days 2007 showcased the globe's most outstanding sustainable energy projects and initiatives and provided information on major European and international policy developments. The international conference provided a key forum for presenting sustainable energy solutions, for planning political initiatives, and for launching projects and starting partnerships. It aimed at presenting new impulses to the participating experts and decision makers as they meet the challenge of transforming the world's energy systems towards sustainability.

During the World Sustainable Energy Days the poster presentation offered companies and organisations the opportunity to display before a professional audience successful initiatives and projects concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. About 80 companies and organisations have made use of this possibility - including poster presentation of BIOMASA association.