Workshop "Small-scale heating system for biomass” 19 – 20 June 2006

The aim of the current workshop was to bring together experts in the field of biomass fuel preparation and combustion. Emphasis was given to the review of fuel sourcing and preparation where the different sources will be critically examined. Further emphasis was given to the types of combustion systems (particularly small scale). Aspects including the different technologies, efficiency, economic and environmental compliance was addressed.

There were 32 participants take part of workshop not only from Slovakia, but from Bulgaria, Czech republic, Netherland, Austria, Romania and Italy too. Discussion during the workshop almost after each presentation showed very high interest of audience. One of the workshop’s contributions was possibility to discuss topics among people practically involved in biomass utilisation (fuel production, technology production and traders, heat contracting, marketing issues, promotion, etc.) from experienced European countries and Slovakia which had presentations or attended workshop as audience, with experts on the European level from Institute for Energy and researchers from universities.Part of this workshop was excursion to pellets production in BIOMASA.

Workshop was realised within the frame of projects ACCESS, AGRIFORENERGY and CLEANWEB Website of the PREWIN network within the CLEANWEB project, managed by Institute for Energy: