European Union Sustainable Energy Week 2010

Association BIOMASA as the co-organiser of the European Sustainable energy week 2010 in Slovakia, realized excursion in Pellet production unit in Kysucky Lieskovec focused on HEATING WITH PELLETS during the Energy week 2010. The excursion was designed especially for youth and it was possible for the students to participate in the excursion during the whole week from 22 March to 26 March 2010.

The first part of excursion was the lecture on renewable energy sources, wood pellet production and pellet utilization as suitable heating for households, health service, school and other institutions, and also the lecture on current innovative activities in pellet and heat production. After the lecture there was a time for their questions and for the debate with students. The students and their teachers were mostly interested in using wood pellets in practise as well as in field of financing and state subsidy for environment policy. Great attention was paid to practical demonstration of pellet heating in a functional fireplace installed in the entrance hall of BIOMASA association. They could find out themselves that the pellet heating is modern, functional, comfortable and environmentally friendly. After the debate and pellet heating demonstration the pellet production plant was shown to the students. The students were also interested in technical parameters of production line and also in sawdust processing and pellet producing.


The excursion attended 110 secondary school and university students. The number of participants exceeded year 2009 and the pellet production unit was also visited by the students form Iceland this year.