Boiler room reconstruction

BIOMASA Association has reconstructed boiler rooms combusting coal, coke, sludge and fuel oil to boiler rooms combusting wood pellets in its members. 44 boiler rooms with capacity ranging from 15 kW to 2,5 MW have been reconstructed. The biggest 2.5 MW boiler room in Lubochna (Liptov region) was converted to biomass in 2003 and so supplies of first pellets was ensured. This boiler room heats 14 buildings of the health sanatorium, among them also flats, plus 3 school pavilions, nursery school and municipal office building.

In 2004 another 9 pellets boiler rooms were reconstructed above all in schools. 19 boilers in public buildings as well as 12 small pilot boilers in private houses and NGO’s were installed and put into operation in 2005, e.g. in municipalities: Horna Poruba, Hrustin, Mutne, Nemsova, Novot’, Povina, Nova Bosaca, Slanicka Osada, etc. The boiler rooms reconstruction within the project finished in March 2006, when the last school boiler room was put into operation.

General supplier of all boiler rooms was logo1

Installed capacity Number of boiler rooms
over 1 MW 1
425 kW - 1 MW 12
50 - 300 kW 18
up to 25 kW 13
Total 44


Time schedule of reconstruction:


reconstruction ofboile rooms in Klokocov and Luky (pilot ones)

2001 - 2004

preparative activities, energy audits, technical documentation, tenders


reconstruction of boiler room in Lubochna (2,5 MW)


reconstruction of boiler rooms in municipalities - Dubodiel, Horna Poruba, Hrustin, Mojtin, Nemsova, Novot, Zariecie, Zliechov


reconstruction of other boiler rooms

2005 - 2006

last boiler reconstruction,
operation, monitoring, evaluation, operational measures


Reconstruction of boiler rooms included:

  • Dismantling existing plants, reconstruction works - preparation of building for technology installation, heat distribution between buildings, which are connected to central boiler room
  • Supply and installation of new pellet boiler plant
  • Upgrading old heating systems and energy efficiency improvement in connected buildings - heating system regulations, valves, replacement of radiators, windows, or outside thermal installations, etc.

BIOMASA Association is owner of the installed technology in the reconstructed boiler rooms and sells the heat to the end users.
Energy audit of all objects was made before the boiler room reconstruction (Boiler room condition, draft of the necessary measures for reconstruction and the tender documentation). In many cases, the exchange of the heat source was associated with the implementation of the equiterm regulation of the heating system and other energy efficiency measures (insulation, window replacement, etc.).