Pellet production and sale

BIOMASA has considerable experience with the operation of the boiler rooms burning wood pellets, which are highly convenient fuel. BIOMASA has implemented the strategic development project for Slovakia. The supply of pellets from our Association is reliable and the price of heat is lower than the price of heat made from light heating oil and lower than the average price of heat in Slovakia.

Our activities are under the continual control of the Ministry of Environment, European Commission, United Nations Development Program, Dexia Bank Slovakia, and members of the BIOMASA Association (municipalities, cities, schools and health care institutions.
Heating with the wood pellets is modern and from an environmental point of view preferred by the European Union, which offers the possibility of obtaining grant support. The pellets will help improve the image of your company from an environmental perspective and in the future you will save money, you would pay for the emission quotas because the pellets are CO2 neutral.
We offer the pellet supply to your boiler-room by tank truck (17,5 tonnes), in containers (18 tonnes), by van (1.5 tonnes), by lorry EUROCARGO (6 tonnes) and truck (24 tonnes) according to the availability of a boiler-room and possibilies of using tank truck.

More information about pellets can be found here.