BIO-Climatic Park

The idea of BIO-Climatic Park originated during implementation of SMAPUDE_LIFE project. During project implementation human resources were raised, activities took place in Park Drienova as a natural space for promotion tours in a special Green Energy Vehilce powered by horses.

This activity had an impact on the progressively establishing location for horses and organizing promotional tours in the Green Energy Vehicle. There were a number ideas, possible solutions and procedures be implemented for a comprehensive reconstruction of damaged parts of the country.

It turned out that this space (Park Drienova) with 25 ha area is the perfect place for finding links between renewal of natural resources (biodiversity, water, soil and climate) and economic interested of land as a whole. The team actually originated the idea of the project, where the main objective is the resorte the devastated land, water, biodiversity and climate change in harmony with nature. Durling daily care for Park Drienová, drastic devastating impact of the agricultural industry for loss of biodiversity, ecosystems, water depletion, biological and physical soil degradation and changes in the temperature regime of the country was found. Continued impact of the devastation of the agricultural industry may have a fatal impact not only on soil fertility, but also to even greater deterioration of biodiversity and dramatic climate change. In Slovakia and Central Europe there are no concrete examples of how to restore the
devastated country in an integrated way. This is the main reason why the steps to implement the proposed project were made.