Expected results

The main expected results is the restoration of the natural sources on land of 25 ha, where the natural sources will be used more ecologically and sustainable. The creation of a Bioclimatic Park in which smart use of water, energy and carbon will increase the production of biomass and biodiversity will be maximalized with healthy soil.

- maintaining water retention measures in Bioclimatic Park with 12 000 m3 case holding capacity, which harvest 50 000 m3 water anually and 200 000 m3 of water in total

- increase of evaporation from the area means decrease of sensible heat. Annually from the proposed area it means decreased production of sensible heat by 23 GWh, expecting the temperature decrease to be at least 4° C in summer hot days

- increasing the numbers of plants species and communities by 30%

- increasing the numbers of animal species by 30%

- increasing of biomass production in Bioclimatic Park at minimum 120 tons during the project implementation

- strengthening photosynthesis and increasing the sequestration of carbon in the amount of 100 000 t and energy from the sun into biomass in the demonstration area

- creation of minimum 7 actions in Bioclimatic Park (e.g. water management, climate protection, biodiversity protection, education, keeping of farm animals, bees and fish, crops production, production of fruits, vegetables and healing plants)

- the establishment of an orchard of at least 300 heritage trees

- the creation of 5 new GREEN jobs

- raising awareness on alternative land use among at least 2 000 participants of the planned events

- the establishment of an educational and practical demonstration centre in Bioclimatic Park that will derive 100% of its energy from renewable, on-site sources