Feast ecumenical meeting

DSC03075BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities has organized meeting friends and nature lovers "Feast ecumenical meeting" on June 27, 2015. The event was accompanied by several rare symbols Rajec and place directly in the nature of the emerging Pak Drienova between Rajec and Durcina.

The main part of the event was the Ecumenical worship - Catholic, Protestant and Jewish communities, which for centuries coexisted well in Rajec and piety was such a nice memory of those times. The meeting was opened by Ladislav Zidek, then Rajec native pastor of the Lutheran Church Ivan Mikus greeted with those present beautiful psalms and intercession. Very pleasant greeting was from Jewish rabbi Kapustin, who read the Hebrew Bible from 1839 from library tragically deceased young priest Bohdan Galvánka in 1973 the part the Ten Commandments of God. Despite the fact that few people understand what he reads it was silently that "a fly heard." The homily and inspiring speech tuned in the spirit of respect for nature spoke to another rajecký-born Catholic priest Paul Zidek, who in Durcina lives in retirement. At the same time he introduced into the life Campanile of  St Ladislav, the patron saint of the town Rajec, as well as a memory of a little boy as a symbol of purity and love. Campanile is composed of the details worked tribe traditionally Slovak hundred years fir trees and closing roof with bells. After sanctified Campanile Ladislav by Paul Zidek the present was hearing the first official ringtone by Ladislav Stanko, as representatives of many years Rajecká Zvonárska family. Eva Stankova and Janko Vesely in turn are the main initiators of the spring based fruity relay, where just beyond the bell tower is on 2 hectares planted 150 trees of the old fruit varieties like the memory of an ancient Rajec-born Romuald Zaymusa .

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Finally, the ecumenical worship service invited guests were present to HODOVAL table for snacks that provide organizers with event guests.

Present used afternoon time for joint talks and walks areal Drienova. A pleasant atmosphere complemented singing and dancing folk songs girl from Rajec and the surrounding area and the smallest participants had the opportunity to take a ride on horses, play football and other games that this area offers.

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The fact that the event enjoys great public interest, there is no doubt as evidenced by the multitude of participants not only from the vicinity of Rajec, but visited the park and visitors from the surrounding area and also representatives of cooperating organizations from Italy and Norway. During this nice event it was also inclined and Drienová Park on Saturday, attended by over 200 supporters of nature and good home food.

Establishment of the park Drienová initiated BIOMASA and its current form has contributed numerous volunteers who are not foreign manual labor and in particular they are not indifferent to how the land now cultivated. The long-term aim of this park is to return to this site organic farming, biodiversity and create a place where everyone will feel comfortable.

In the future, there is planning and training center that will serve mainly to events and meetings of a similar kind, which was Feast ecumenical meeting.

over 200 supporters of nature and good home food