Dikes Kravcik brilliant work!

Within Summer biomass camp in August 2015, we have set u in the Park Drienová two dikes in the drying up stream. The first results have appeared in the autumn, when finally was raining.

In the previous regime, the municipal area and the water has committed a lot of damage. Destroyed were among a variety of woods - so he drove the birds and other animals. It destroyed the food and the opportunity to stash for different animals.

Then the limits plowed and water after aining impede limits but quickly drained off to provide a flood.

The peak of misconduct was dismantling of the marshes and even drainage field drainage. So all the water, not only the surface but also in the country which flows away quickly away. And the onset of droughts. In 2015, the drought lasted from May to November.

Hradzky 1 Hradzky 2

Building of dikes on dry stream of the with ordinary waste (branches, broken trunk, no concrete).

Hradzky 3

Arid land.

Hradzky 4 Hradzky 5

Geese swim in small artificial reservoirs and in 2-meters deep pit is the only remaining water.

Hradzky 6 Hradzky 7

After the first rains in November 2015 showed that it starts to operate.

Hradzky 8

The actual outcome can come from slow snowmelt, hrádzky were filled and begins to work the top right side channel, which filled up the small side tank.

Hradzky 10

The water flows into a small tank and engages the surrounding soil.

Hradzky 11

When we were little boys, hatched trout spawn...

Hradzky 12

After the first few measures taken by the water returns to us again.

Hradzky 13

We have water as well on a hill in a small recess.

It will be very busy when we want to correct errors and damage of the past. And in general we have no idea if this is not even manage to put it in its original state.

These are the consequences of wrong decisions, not only in our country. It will be very difficult to reverse global climate change, which is the result of drought and torrential rains. Another chance, however, as to attempt change it, we do not have.

Ladislav Zidek