Numerous volunteers who are not afraid of manual work and spend their leisure time in nature were participated on complete work on the farm.

Over the past year, since work began on the farm was realized the amount of work to clean up the area, implementation of fencing, various sheds new residents, planting trees, proper care of the whole complex and many other odd jobs.

Today, visitors can see the park area, where there are the first results of activities of business workshops.

Biomass as part of long-term cooperation with the civil association Tilia in various activities aimed at protecting the environment, addressed for cooperation on activities in the park Drienová. Representatives of civil association themselves prepared a project Fruit relay in order to plant 150 fruit trees of old varieties. Biomass offers space to plant these trees.

The aim of The project Fruity relay is to build on the work Romuald Zaymusa a native from Rajec (Pomology, priest, writer, 19th century; trees based orchards and nurseries, etc.). The park was established as Drienová orchard - with 150 trees of old varieties of apple, pear, plum, Drienok, and other, lesser known species.


The philosophy of the park





Joy of life

Long-term intentions

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Fruit relay