Can be regional (local) concentrated group of interconnected companies and institutions in the same or related field, which are linked by common technologies and experience, working together, they complement each other and compete. Clusters are new tools for regional development. Clusters gather members who participate in the actions undertaken by the association.


Associated organizations and companies working in the field of renewable energy sources - equipment manufacturers on the use of biomass, biomass producers, working to promote the use of renewable energy sources, especially biomass and solar energy, solar equipment manufacturers, environmental educational institutions, NGOs, etc.

The inspiration for the creation and operation EKOKLASTER well functioning clusters of similar nature in the neighboring countries (Austria, Germany, etc.). One of the best performing companies and organizations CLUSTERS's Eco-Energy Cluster in Upper Austria and South Bohemia, who are active in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

EKOKLASTER in Slovakia

The initiator of the emergence of clusters in Slovakia is BIOMASA, association of legal entities. BIOMASA is a non-profit organization bringing together 19 members, mainly municipalities, schools and health facilities. It operates mainly in Žilina and Trenčín region and for 15 years has developed into a leader in the field of biomass utilization in Slovakia BIOMASA is the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of wood pellets for heating in Slovakia. The issue of the use of biomass, representatives of associations dedicated since the early 90's.