Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership in EKOKLASTER:

- Membership is free.

- Members EKOKLASTER are presented on the website and vice versa.

- E-news EKOKLASTER will be regularly published  to be sent electronically to all members EKOKLASTER, candidates for membership, companies and organizations dealing with biomass and solar energy, selected representatives of governments and the private sector, interested members of the general public. E-news will include information about the mission, functioning and activities of EKOKLASTER. The E-news will be presented to all member companies, their products and services they produce, deliver, respectively. services they provide. This will ensure promotion EKOKLASTER members. They will include invitations to various events organized EKOKLASTER and information on realized events where the members attended. A very important part of the E-news will be professional information on technologies for biomass processing, the solar panels and combustion technology, and much more. E-news will come regularly every two months - 6 issues per year.

- Promotional brochure will be published (in print and electronic form).

- Members will be offered the option of continuing education (seminars, workshops, field trips, etc.).

- EKOKLASTER is a "neutral ground" for members to gather for a specific purpose. The meetings will be organized to enable members to get to know each other, learn from each other, discuss, build partnerships.

- Members can benefit from joint promotion of the exhibitions and events in order to promote sales.

- Increasing demand for products and services of companies organized in EKOKLASTER.

- Faster transfer of information and technology.