EKOKLASTER members can become all companies and organizations from Slovakia, which deal with the following areas, complete an application and meet eligibility conditions.

EKOKLASTER will address the following renewable energy sources and their benefits:

The advantages of the use of energy from biomass:

- renewable nature,

- CO2 neutral

- Domestic and renewable resources and fuel,

- Easy and local availability.

- Transport to users is seamless.

- Stable price,

- Efficient combustion does not pollute the environment,

- Uses waste material from wood processing industry,

- The ash can be used as high-quality fertilizer.

The advantages of solar energy:

- Available everywhere and free.

- In absolute energy independence,

- Mutual combinability with other renewable energy sources, especially biomass,

- Environmentally friendly,

- High durability of solar systems,

- High reliability and comfort during operation.

EKOKLASTER activities will focus on the following areas:

- Information and communication;

- Cooperation and key technology areas,

- Research and development, innovation,

- Training;

- Marketing and public relations (PR)

- Promotion of members EKOKLASTRA,

- Advising EKOKLASTRA information offices,

- The issuance of E-news - electronic newspaper for those interested in the issue of the use of biomass and solar energy,

- Promotion of innovative and green technologies and their implementation.

Why do we seek membership? Because together we can achieve more.