BIOMASS – CLEAN ENERGY 17 – 18 September 2004

International conference was held under the auspices of the Minister of Environment Mr. Laszlo Miklos, minister personally attended the event. The aim of the event was to enable the exchange of experiences in the reduction of emissions in the atmosphere by using biomass and efficient use of energy resources and also highlight the possibility of solving problems. It was designed for professional and lay public, local government and public administration.


The conference was a presentation of experiences in the use of biomass as a renewable energy source in the northwest part of Slovakia following the implementation of the project “Integrated logistic for Use of Biomass Energy - Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Use of Biomass Energy in Northwest Slovakia“.

Contributions of speakers were dedicated to the BIOMASA Association activities, the practical experience from implementation of investment projects using biomass from the perspective of management and technology solutions, as well as options for their financing. During the conference the international project DISPLAY was presented to, which was focused on improving information and practical assistance to municipalities for energy efficiency of buildings, as well as possible combinations of biomass and solar heat.

Opening Ceremony of Central Processing Unit for the wood pellet production in Kysucky Lieskovec was a part of the event.

Accompanying event of the conference was an exhibition and seminar ENERGY EFFICIENT. Their aim was to inform about forthcoming requirements for owners of buildings in Slovakia regarding to the valid Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings in Slovakia and also present the models of energy efficiency and energy savings opportunities in households, businesses and public institutions.

The exhibition presented exhibitors from the field of heating, insulation, thermal insulation, façade thermal and window systems. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about ways to wet masonry remediation, infrared measurement methods, control technology, passive houses and the use of renewable energy sources for heating. Advice on energy was also provided in the exhibiotion hall.

All three events were attended by representatives of self-government, government, members of BIOMASA Association, experts and scholars, the general public interested in the issue of biomass and other guests from Slovakia and abroad.

Prominent guests home:
Prof. Mgr. Laszlo Miklos, DrSc., Minister of the Environment
Ing. Katarina Novakova, Sector Director of the NAC and the Ministry of Environment while the national project director of a project implemented by BIOMASA Association
Ing. Lubica Kopcova, General Director of Section of implementation of environmental programs, the Ministry of Environment
Ing. Anton Novotny, Director General of construction section of Ministry of Construction and Regional Development
DR. Ing. Kvetoslava Soltesova,CSc. - Director General of the Slovak Energy Agency in Bratislava
Prof. Ing. Zuzana Sternova, PhD. VVUPS-executive director of NOVA, R - D institutes Building Structures Ltd.
Jana Simonova, Director, Country Support Team UNDP Bratislava
Michael Deraj, deputy program, UNDP Bratislava
Paul Durinik, PhD. - Vice President of Dexia Bank Slovakia, a.s.
Prof. Ing. Zuzana Sternova, PhD., Executive Director of VVUPS-NOVA, Research and Development Institute of Building Construction
Jana Simonova, Director of Country Support Team, UNDP Bratislava
Michal Deraj, Deputy of UNDP Programs, UNDP Bratislava
Pavol Durinik, PhD. – Vice Presidnet of Dexia Bank Slovakia

Prominent foreing guests:
Ben Slay – Director of UNDP/Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS - Regional Support Center in Bratislava
Marc Lauwers, President and Chairman of Board of Directors of DEXIA Bank Slovakia
Gernot Daumann, Vice President and Vice-Chairman of Board of Directors of DEXIA Bank Slovakia
Tiziano Papi, Director of Agency for Energy and Sustainable Development, Forli Cesena, Taliansko
Georg H. Weissler, Leader of projects: DTSW e.V., German – Czech and German – Slovak Economic Association, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Jiri Zeman, Deputy of Director of Center for energy efficiency, SEVEn, o.p.s., Prague, Czech Rpublic
Silva Herrmann, Deputy of European Secretariat Klima Bündnis, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Franziska Weinzierl, Member of the Energy Consultants Network in Nuremberg, Germany


Conference BIOMASS – clean energy

CPU Opening Ceremony in Kysucký Lieskovec