ENERGY_GLOBE_AWARD The prestigious National Energy Globe Award 2012 was given by Maneka Gandhi from ENERGY GLOBE Foundation to BIOMASA, Association for the second time since its inception, after the first price received in Brussels in 2007.

The award recognizes the contribution of biomass for many years for the project: "The change of thinking to a stable effective domestic use of biomass." The award was took over by Ladislav Zidek - general director and economic manager and deputy Jana Kavcova. For more information and all the involved projects can be found on the website ENERGY GLOBE.
The report was published in the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung of 19.06.2012 as well as in the Slovak magazine EE, 18, 2012.

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The latest award for association BIOMASA and its project "Integrated logistic for the use of biomass energy in Slovakia" is Energy Globe Award 2006 in the national level (for Slovak Republic). World award for sustainable development is the most important environmental award. Every year nominations from around the world are invited for the Energy Globe Award. Projects are nominated in the categories: Earth, Energy, Water, Air and Youth. The Energy Globe is supported by the EU, UN, OECD, Austrian Ministries, etc.
The participation in the 2006 Energy Globe Award set a new record: 732 excellent projects from 93 countries including all EU member states were submitted. BIOMASA was awarded for the project "Integrated logistic for the use of biomass energy in Slovakia". The international and national Energy Globe winners were honoured at the Plenary Hall of the European Parliament in Brussels in the Framework of a splendid Television Gala on April 11., 2007. The event was broadcasted throughout Europe and worldwide.




National award for BIOMASA Association was taken by General Director of BIOMASA Association Mr. Ladislav Zidek and by Production Manager Mrs. Jana Kavcova.