Mission of BIOMASA Association

The main aim

The main aim of BIOMAS Association is to contribute to the utilization of renewable energy sources, mainly biomass, in Slovakia.

Next aims
  • To participate in process associated with the utilization of the renewable energy sources by information dissemination and implementation of new environmental friendly biomass technologies.
  • To provide affordable heating for member's public buildings and using local renewable energy sources.

By its activities, the BIOMASA Association inform and promote the rational use of renewable energy sources, the energy savings, the high potential of the biomass in Slovakia and the concrete actions regarding the reducing the environment pollution.

The mission of BIOMASA is also mobilization of small communities to be conscious of necessity to seek ways of efficient usage of local resources with meeting the conditions of gentle handling with nature.

BIOMASA has been awarded for its activities in the field of the renewable energy sources utilization by several national and even international awards. Further information on won prices are available HERE.

BIOMASA Association is planning to extend the scope of activities about combination with other alternative resources. As in other European countries, it is possible in Slovakia to combine the biomass using with solar energy for hot water producing.