Pellets as litter

PELITO Litter is made from 100% natural material (wood sawdust from soft wood) by special technology - pelletizing. The litter is 2x sterilized in production cycle and thus it becomes a stable and hygienic fully satisfactory for pets. The litter meets the requirements for human safety (protocols).

  • PELITO is used as hygienic litter under the pets. PELITO absorbs pets urine excellently and absorbs odors. Pet remains clean and does not make a mess as by using ordinary shavings.
  • PELITO is used by rodents as rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, parrots and other exotic birds, lizards, snakes, turtles, etc.

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PELITO litter remains stable. It can be stored for long time in dry environments. PELITO is biodegradable. After use it can be composted, stored in household waste or simply flush in the toilet.

Packing of PELITO litter:

• Sack - 6 liters (3.6 kg)
• Box - 8 sacks (28.8 kg)
• Pallet - 24 boxes (691.2 kg)


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Food Test Report No. 10380/2008
Test Report No. 13206/2008

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