Advantages of pellets

Four main advantages of wood pellet heating:
1. Comfort
Heating equipment for wood pellets combine advanced technology with the highest degree of reliability, easy handling, high comfort and great design. These devices guarantee optimal combustion efficiency with minimal emissions.
2. Certainity of stock
Fuel wood is produced in Slovakia is available in sufficient quantity. Every year, puppy in Slovak forests more wood than can be used. Wood pellets can be rightly regarded as a sustainable source of energy. Domestic producers of pellets and marketing network form the security of supply.
3. Quality guarantee
The quality of pellets responsibles to EU standard EN PLUS A1. The standard also address transportation and storage of pellets for end users. BIOMASA all of these conditions can provide for you, because it owns the entire production and logistics (supply) system.
4. Price
Heating of wood pellets is a real alternative to normal (fossil) fuels. Price and convenience are an alternative to natural gas, particularly where gas is introduced. Installation of equipment for heating wood pellets is from 2009 supported by the Ministry of Economy, BIOMASA Association and boiler producers.


The average annual cost for heating of family house

with annual consumption 100 GJ / 27,8 MWh


Pellets – environmentally friendly fuel

The burning of wood is released as much CO2 how many tree take from the atmosphere during their growth. Heating pellets is there fore regarded as CO2 – neutral with a considerable contribution to the protection of the atmosphere. Who heats with pellets, not only does not contribute to global climate change, but also helps to reduce global warming and preventing another disaster. Well Slovakia is committed to the Kyoto Protocol to reduce emissions causing the greenhouse effect by 2010 by 8%. It is possible only by saving energy and using renewable energy sources, where the biomass – pellets have greatest potential in Slovakia.

The advantages of pellets for combustion, as compared with unmodified wood waste:

  • greater energy efficiency
  • high calorific value - 17 MJ/kg
  • low ash content ( up to 1 %)
  • low water content ( 8 % - 10 %)
  • reduction of the volume – low demand for storage space (650 kg/m3)
  • fully automatic unattended operation and regulation
  • production of low emission combustion
  • acceptable price per unit of heat produced
  • a full-featured substitute for other types of fuel
  • a renewable source of energy for heating

Association BIOMASA – Your partner for heating pellets
Competent partner for the entire territory of Slovakia, who advise on matters related to the selection and proper performance of the heating system, the planning of storage facilities for wood pellets, with the choice of fuel supplies and costs associated therewith, particularly the association of BIOMASA. In large part mediated visits Slovakia existing noiler and most of your questions can correspond to particular elektronic mail, or personal visit.

For other questions, are you available space counseling Slovak Energy Agency, or mere association BIOMASA.

Wood pellets can be obtained in association BIOMASA to ensure their delivery to the greater part of Slovakia, or consult your manufacturer directly pellets in your region. Be careful account of whether the pellets meet EU standarts. Poor pellets could cause aou many problems.

Become an enthusiast and you also interested in the use of biomass in Slovakia.