Heating with wood pellets

If we are thinking about heating, we must reconsider several things - this is valid for coal, gas and pellets too. The higher comfort and quality of boiler we want , the more expensive the boiler must be. Price for boilers ranges from 70 000 to 400 000 Sk, the difference is in their quality.

Sense of welfare by pressing the button
Manual heating is already past by installations for pellets heating. Only simple pressing the button suffices for production of pleasant heat. Heating installation is operated by integrated microprocessor. It automatically activates energy necessary for sense of health and welfare. Through the use of worm feeder the wood pellets are automatically transported from storage accommodation to combustion chamber, where they are electrically fired up.
Micro processing operation calculates automatically necessary amount of wood pellets and take care of air optimal rate, which is needful for combusting, amount of fuel and operating temperature. This is guarantee for high effective combusting with negligible emissions and minimal amount of ash.

Pellet stoves
Stoves for pellets are used mainly for heating of single habitable rooms as for example the halls. They have a fuel bunker, which is manual filled up once a 2 – 4 days. Pellet stoves can be rused like a level heating or like installation of central heating with automatically pellets feed. It is interesting for modern houses too.

Pellets central heating
Do relax! Wood pellets heat quite pleasantly and it is thanks to common pressing the button. Central heating for pellets solves all issues allied to heating: technology oriented into the future takes care of welfare by operancy and widens pleasant heat in full house. While you relax in comfort and warmth, the wood is still growing up, so you can fall back on „pure“ comfort in the future too.
The way to cellar is by pellets heating useless. Through the remote control you can operate and control your heating now straight from living room. By the help of preselect termo program it is possible to accommodate fast and simply your pellets heating at your needs.

Basic rules of pellets use for heating. Downloading file »»