Pellet production

Pellets are produced in new-built factory - Central Processing Unit for wood pellets production (CPU) in Kysucky Lieskovec (5 km from Kysucke Nove Mesto in the direct of Cadca).

CPU provides:
  • Collection of wood residuals in the form of wet and dry sawdust in containers, by own set with hook loader
  • Technological processing of sawdust to wood pellets (sorting, crushing and drying of sawdust, wood chips production and combustion of bigger parts of wood waste, pelletisation, refrigeration)
  • Packing, storing and sales of pellets
  • Distribution of pellets to boiler rooms operated by BIOMASA
  • Central management of boiler rooms



Pellets production is central managed; also the single boiler rooms are connected with CPU, whereby there is secured central monitoring and control.

Production by full operation: 12 000 tons of peletts per year
Raw material (sawdust) consumption: 20 000 tons per year
Pellets consumption for Association: 5000 tons per year

Supplier of whole technological line: Drevoindustria Mechanik, s.r.o. Zilina
Pellet mill: CPM Europe, Amsterdam
Production: 2 tons/hour