The history of BIOMASA Association has began with the preparation and then implementation of the main project “Integrated Logistic for Use of Biomass Energy in Slovakia - Reducing Greenhouse gas Emission through the Use of Biomass Energy in Northwest Slovakia”. The construction of Central Processing Unit for pellets production in Kysucky Lieskovec and the reconstruction of 44 boiler rooms burning pellets in Northwest Slovakia are the results of the project. By the project it was created 33 new work places, the emissions of CO2 were reduced and functioning home pellet market was created.

The management of BIOMASA has more than 10 year experiences with the project preparation and implementation. The implementation of all projects was successful. The success of implementation can be seen in achieved outputs and results as well as the extensive audits in individual projects, which indicate that all projects are realized in accordance with the rules of grant requirements.

BIOMASA still works on the new projects. The present aim of Association is to implement new projects, on which BIOMASA obtained the resources directly from European Union. The new projects are aimed for reinforce of the position of BIOMASA in Central Europe area.