AGRIFORENERGY – Promoting the use of Biomass from agricultural and forestry sectors for heating, electricity and transport purposes


Program: Inteligent Energy for Europe 2004 – Altener
Duration: January 2006 – Februry 2008
Co-ordinator: Landeskammer fur Land- und Forstwirtschaft Steiermark, Austria
Project partners: BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities, Slovakia
Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije, Slovenia
Italian wood energy association, Italy
Romanian Biofuels Association, Romania

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Project objectives:

  • To mobilise the large biomass potential from fragmented private owned forests and from agricultural land by increasing the co-operation among farmers and forest owners,
  • To integrate the agricultural and forestry sector into the energy market as raw material supplier (e.g. woodchips) or as energy supplier (e.g. bio heat) and
  • To stimulate local and trans-national exchange of experiences and know-how transfer.

Description of project activities:

  • Spreading of Best Practice, mainly from Austria and Italy
  • Description of best practice examples
  • General description of the bioenergy market in selected countries and the involvement of farmers and forest owners in the sectors heat, electricity and transportation fuels from biomass,
  • Successful experiences to promote the use of bioenergy among farmers and forest owners,
  • Experiences of farmers and forest owners as biomass suppliers (e.g. woodchips, rape seed, liquid manure) for energy purposes,
  • Successful models to promote the farmer and forest owner not only as raw material supplier but also as energy supplier (e.g. a farmer co-operative sells heat instead of woodchips),
  • Dissemination of best practice booklets
  • Farmers and Forest Owners as Heat Sellers
  • Biofuel Production by Farmers
  • Green Electricity Production by Farmers
  • Training courses
  • Workshops
  • Study tours
  • Regional bioenergy coordinators
  • Specific dissemination activities (e.g. internet, articles, press conferences, lectures, fairs)

Project Budget:

Total Budget 524 072 EUR
Budget for BIOMASA 86 510 EUR
Grant 43 255 EUR

For more information see project web page