BESTPELLET Increase the efficiency of production of pellets with using additives



Program: APVV – VMSP 2009
Duration: September 2009 – August 2011
Leader: BIOMASA Association


The project is aimed at research of the impact of different types of natural additives on mechanical and energetic characteristics of wood pellets and the energy intensity of production of wood pellets on real technological line. The project will also include a design and manufacture of experimental equipment for the production of wood pellets with natural additives, and the design and manufacture dosage equipment for additives dosing, design and emplacement of experimental facilities for research of the impact of additives on energy and environmental aspects of the pellet combustion.
Design and modification of current technological line for production of wood pellets on addition of suitable additives will be the next step of the project. Effect of additives on the energy intensity of wood pellet production with additives will be practically verified. In the framework of the project the project results will also be promoted.

Main aim of the project:
The main aim is the research of the impact of adding additives on the energy intensity of wood pellet production, their mechanical and energetic characteristics, energy and environmental attributes of combustion of the pellets containing the additives.

Next objectives:
- Reducing the total cost for pellet production, including maintenance, electric energy
- Increase the heating capacity of pellets
- Increase the mechanical characteristics of pellets
- Increase the value of pellets
- Improving of the evaluation methods
- Transfer of obtained information to the research and education process
- Improving the development of boilers and smooth combustion of newly developed fuel