BIOMASA – Chance for Slovakia


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Dissemination and presentation of experience and knowledge is one of the most effective methods of acquiring new clients for using of biomass. BIOMASA, Association of legal entities prepared the project "BIOMASS - chance for Slovakia”, which was aimed to promote biomass, because biomass is the most widely available in Slovakia and there is also much practical experience of its efficient use.

Main aim of the project:
In the interest of Slovakia is to increase the use of local renewable energy sources and this project is aimed to promote biomass as it is most widely available in Slovakia, and there is also much practical experience of its efficient use. BIOMASA, Association of legal entities wants again to make it clear that the gained experiences are public helpful and therefore BIOMASA is responsible for informing about them. For this purpose BIOMASA Association organized the conference, including open door days when signed participants got the opportunity to see the production of pellets practically and also boiler rooms in various public bodies, which are heated with wood pellets with any difficulty.

Project activities:

  1. OPEN DOOR days were realised in 11 boiler rooms of BIOMASA Association across Slovakia and in the central processing unit for pellet production in Kysucky Lieskovec.
  2. CONFERENCE was organized in Zilina. The experience with financing the production of pellets and biomass boiler rooms construction were presented on the conference.
  3. PUBLICATION contains a presentation of all the members of the BIOMASA and demonstration of Success story of pellet production unit, boiler rooms and other activities of BIOMASA Association. It was prepared and issued by BIOMASA.

Project Budget

Total Budget: 10 600 EUR
Grant 3 300 EUR