BIOPROS "Solution for the safe application of wastewater and sludge for high efficient biomass production in Short-Rotation-Plantation"


Program: FP6 Research Project, 2006 - 2007
Duration: September 2005 – December 2008
Co-ordinator: Technologie-Transfer-Zentrum Bremerhaven European Biomass Industrial Association EUBIA
Project partners: BIOMASA Association and 25 partners from various areas – international associations specialized in biomass, associations of farmers, small and medium-size entrepreneurs, research organisations, universities from 12 European countries


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Project objectives:

  • to increase know-how in the area of economic, ecological and technical feasibility of short rotation plantation in different countries and market conditions
  • to evaluate legal and technical conditions in the area of short rotation plantations and reusing wastewater and sewage sludge for irrigation and fertilisation
  • to promote SRP biomass production throughout Europe by transferring the generated know-how to potential SRP end-users and market actors
  • to increase efficiency of biomass production from short rotation plantation

Project Budget

Total budget: 2 703 905 EUR
Budget for BIOMASA: 20 410 EUR
Grant: 12 595 EUR

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