CHEFUB - Creative High Efficient and Effective Use of Biomass


Program: LIFE+ 2008
Duration: January 2010 - December 2012
Leader: BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities





By this project BIOMASA wants to present new opportunities for improving the supply and processing of sawdust, which are the input material for the production of pellets. BIOMASA operates 29 boiler-rooms in the Slovakia. A fundamental step to make the operation of boiler-rooms more effective is the use of high quality pellets. The qualitative fuel will improve the boiler-room efficiency and durability, as well as its overall operation. The aim of the BIOMASA is also reducing of the operating costs by the high-quality information system connected to the Internet and other devices, which will evaluate the operation of boiler-rooms.

Another project objective is the development and introduction of creative financing program of up to 50 kW boiler-room especially in public buildings. This program will solve the possibilities of financing the boiler-room reconstructing to the biomass burning as a substitute for fossil fuels to end-users.

Important point of this project is strong and massive campaign by establish of INFO CENTRE. The aim of Info Centre will be information dissemination activities, which will include travelling exhibitions. Travelling exhibitions will promote opportunities of heating with the biomass in promotional mobile stand. Promotional mobile stand will be placed the presentation vehicle. The vehicle function will be to concretely show to interested clients the heating with pellets. The interested clients will see on their own eyes how it work and what all is offered by using the renewable energy sources. The vehicle equipment will present devices that can reduce CO2 emissions. The presentation of such devices is the basis of the project in order the professionals as well as laic community understand advantages of such heating in comparison to heating with other types of media, for example natural gas, or advantages in comparison with other heating devices which are not environmentally friendly.

In the framework of the project it will be realized many seminars, trainings, 2 annual conferences and published promotional materials.