CHEFUB - activities and expected results

Project activities:

  • Evaluation of the sawdust quality – innovative establishment of evaluation of sawdust quality will be presents the quality of sawdust, which will be reflected at the reduction of CO2 emission by high reuse of other wood waste. This corresponds with 3500 tons CO2 reduction.
  • Remote control and demonstration process of boiler rooms – will introduce new method of boiler rooms remote control. Bigger and effective heat production from exist boiler rooms will make possible to connect new consumers. Coal boiler closing will contribute to reduce of 2000 tons CO2 annually.
  • Creative financing program of up to 50 kW boiler-room especially in public buildings - elaboration of financing program for reconstruction of 20 boiler rooms, with the searching for interested person in public area and subsequent reconstruction of boiler rooms burning fossil fuels for boiler rooms burning biomass.
  • Reconstruction of 20 boiler rooms for burning the biomass - the result will be CO2 reduction of 2000 tons annually from stopped old coal boiler room
  • Travelling exhibitions with the presentation vehicle equipped with heating technique using pellets and other promotional technique - it will be realised travelling exhibitions, expert exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other promotional activities. Indirect profit from this action will about 2000 tons CO2 annually reduction.
  • Creation of INFO CENTRE – will include presentation technique for interested person. It will be used for realization of seminars, trainings and other educational activities.
  • Information - dissemination activities – preparation and realization of conferences, seminars, trainings including excursions, activities for schools in the framework of education for the use of renewable resources of energy, campaign in media. Preparation and printing of presentation materials, creation and periodic actualization of the website


Expected results:

  • Reduction of CO2 in total 7500 tons annually
  • Evaluation of sawdust quality by qualitative weighing-machine, moisture meters and new informational system
  • new operating system of the boiler-room operation
  • Financing program for reconstruction of boiler rooms
  • Reconstruction of 20 boiler-rooms for burning of biomass
  • Presentation vehicle will equipment
  • Creation of INFO CENTRE
  • Organization of information activities (seminars, annual conferences, trainings, excursions, summer camps for students)
  • Printing of promotional materials about the project