CHEFUB - project objectives

Main objective:

The main project objective is to reduce of greenhouse gas emission through the creation and introduction of innovative elements in the biomass processing and heat production.


Next objectives:

  • Improving the quality of supply and processing of sawdust - in order to make the pellets high-qualitative, the first important point is the qualitative raw material. In the region of the north-west of Slovakia there is a lot of sawdust suppliers, but few of those who deliver qualitative sawdust. The raw material often contains foreign matter (such as stones, metals, plastics, big pieces of wood and bark) and, moreover, has high moisture content (above 45%). By continuous evaluation of the sawdust quality and by better continuous preparation of wood waste material BIOMASA wants to achieve the best qualitative sawdust so as the produced pellets fulfill the most strictly standards of the EU. When the pellets are more qualitative in heating system and thereby are its burning and the reducing of CO2 emission more effective. BIOMASA expect that after implementation of this new proposed process will increase also production of pellets from wood waste about 2000 tons per year (reduction of CO2 equivalent emission will be about 3500 tons CO2 per year).
  • Demonstration process of boiler room operation - demonstration boiler room management process will be presented by hardware and software, which enables to the operator to effective remote operation of the boiler-rooms, thus ensures their effectiveness. A fundamental step to make the operation of boiler-rooms more effective is the use of high quality pellets. The qualitative fuel will improve the boiler-room efficiency and durability, as well as its overall operation. The aim of the BIOMASA is also reducing of the operating costs by the high-quality information system connected to the Internet and other devices, which will evaluate the operation of boiler-rooms. Production and supply of heat will increase and enlarge district heating systems after implementation of better operation system in boiler rooms. This will decrease CO2 annually 2000 tons in total.
  • Creative financing program of up to 50 kW boiler-room especially in public buildings - this program will solve the possibilities of financing the boiler-room reconstructing to the biomass burning as a substitute for fossil fuels to end-users.
  • Reconstruction of 20 boiler rooms burning biomass - BIOMASA will manage the financing program as well as reconstruction of 20 boiler rooms. BIOMASA will sale heat to the newly reconstructed boiler rooms. Total annual CO2 reduction will be also about 2000 tons per year.
  • Travelling exhibitions with the presentation vehicle equipped with heating technique using pellets - Presentation vehicle will include demonstrative example of biomass heating. The vehicle will be specifically designed, equipped with technology for heating with pellets (boiler and a fireplace burning the biomass), together with presentation panels about the project and about the use of RES and the heating with biomass, as effective ecological fuel, which helps reduce emissions. The vehicle allows really promote the heating with the pellets on functional demonstration heating devices.
  • Organization of promotional activities and printing of promotional materials