The conference ENERGOFUTURA 2011 will organise in Bratislava (hotel Gate One) in 9-11 November 2011. BIOMASA, Association of legal entities from Kysucky Lieskovec is conference co-organiser in framework of information and dissemination activities of implemented project CHEFUB – „Creative high efficient and effective use of biomass“, supported by the programme LIFE+ with financial contribution of the European union and Ministry of environment of Slovak republic.

The conference brings answers to important questions about future and formation of energetic in Slovakia and European space. There will meet the most important representatives of the Slovak companies, but also representatives of foreign companies undertaking on the energy market, delegates of European institutions, National Council of the Slovak Republic, and academia. Part of the conference will be a meeting of Parliament Committees for Economy and Energetics of Visegrad region countries and establishing meeting of the Energy cluster.

The main topics of conference are:

  • the newest knowledge about technologies for increasing efficiency, quality and use of energy in Slovakia and central Europe


  • using of biomass potential in Slovakia, effective use of different kind of biomass and organic waste for efficient energy using, strategy for Greater Use of Biomass in Slovakia for the year 2020, relationship biomass sector vs. food security in Slovakia or in other countries, effect of biomass using to final energy prices


  • the role of legislation at international and national levels as important process for preparing concepts of dealing with energy and environment


  • the importance of separate energy sources for the needs of central Europe region and the interconnection of innovative knowledge with praxis

BIOMASA, Association of legal entities will lead a panel discussion „Biomass and Waste as a new Sources of Energy“, and also BIOMASA will present in conference by exhibition stand.

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