enef 2010

BIOMASA Association attended the 9th international conference "enef 2010", held on 12 - 14 October 2010 in Hotel Lux in Banska Bystrica in the framework of promotion of project activities of the project CHEFUB and promotion of effective renewable fuel in the form of wood pellets and heating fuel such part.

A key issue of next year in energetics will primarily address a solution of energy security, diversification of energy sources, the use of renewable energy and achieving energy savings. The emphasis is on economic and environmentally sound operation of energy facilities and resources, together with the development of regional and municipal energy.


Development of Slovakia's economic growth depends mainly on the development of the regions in relation to the optimal distributed dislocation sources of energy, availability of raw materials, water, food processes and improving the environment in conjunction with the development of services provided by energy suppliers and specialized professional capacities. Therefore, the international conference "ENEF '10" was thematically focused on the development of energy services and efficient use of renewable energy. This problem area, along with a liberalized supply of energy products, creates an environment for streamlining of use of own and locally available energy sources, incentives for achieving energy savings and promotes employment potential.


BIOMASA Association presented at the conference the information stand on wood pellets and promoted the heating with pellets directly in function fireplace installed in presentation vehicle.