Conference BIOMASS 2011

Association BIOMASA would like to kindly invite you to Conference BIOMASS 2011 "Quality of wood pellets production and impact on heating systems". The Conference will take place in Rajecke Teplice on 28 - 29 June 2011 and the event is organised within the project CHEFUB - Creative hig effective and efficient use of biomass.


The two-day annual conference provided to the participants the complete information and practical demonstrations of automatic heating with wood pellets. Since the implementation of project activities of mentioned project, organizers focused the conference on small as well as larger projects of heating with wood pellets, including solutions for homes and public buildings. The conference thus offered information on the possible reconstruction of the old boiler-room and change of fuel basis for the bodies of public administration as well as ordinary citizens. The target group includes also producers of heating technology and producers of wood pellets as well as mayors of the municipalities located in region of Zilina and Trencin.

The first day of the conference was organized with support agencies to support research and development project BESTPELLET. All parties heard lectures about innovative approaches to the production of wood pellets and addition of additives. They were allowed a tour of the area of manufacturing wood pellets BIOMASA in Kysucky Lieskovec. All questions were answered practitioners. In cooperation with the University of Žilina was on this issue also created a brochure titled "Wood pellets and additives," which is devoted to this issue in detail. At the conference, participants received the booklet and, therefore, about adding additives.


The second day of the conference took place in the hall of the Municipal Office of Rajecké Teplice. It consisted of lectures, which the participants provided detailed and comprehensive information on the financing of heating, the heating technology choices as well as heating by Renewable Fuel for the user and the environment. Interesting lectures were presented on the financing of projects and biomass SR strategic plans in support of renewable energy sources from biomass. During the break, it was possible to take a car tour presentation exhibition stand BIOMASA. After the lectures could be interested in heating with wood pellets to consult directly with experts on the conditions of the financial mechanism for the reconstruction of the boilers to wood pellets.


Invitations to conferences and take BIOMASS 2011 Mgr. Juraj Smatana, external advisor of prime minister for the environment. Number of participants at the conference pointed out that the automatic and efficient heating of renewable heating - wood pellets in Slovakia is interested.


The short report on the annual conference was broadcast by main television PATRIOT in news and by radio Frontinus. Biomass Conference 2011 took place thanks to the contribution of the financial instrument of the European Union LIFE + Programme and the Ministry of Environment.



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