Green Week 2011

gw2011_logo_satellite_eventThe 11th edition of Green Week took place from 24 to 27 May 2011 in Brussels and around Europe. This year's theme was "Resource Efficiency - Using less, living better". Together with Green Week confrence many satellite events were held around the Europe. This year also BIOMASA participated in this activity and very interesting programme for school children was prepared on 27. May 2011.

The main objective of these activities is environment protection through efficient resource using. BIOMASA wants to present new life style for people that respect our demands as well as demands of future generations. Following this, children are the main target group for our activities and their parents through them.


BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities organized special satellite event within the Green Week 2011 – “Environmental seminar and competition for school children”.

This event was created especially for school children. BIOMASA invited 3 elementary schools from Zilina region and 137 children in 3 groups attended this nice event.

Special programme was prepared for each group. This programme started with lecture on renewable energy sources. The lecture presented an importance of energy savings, differences between renewable and non renewable energy sources, use of various types of biomass and special product of BIOMASA – wood pellets, their production, use and importance for local development. BIOMASA is implementing several projects and their activities were presented as well. At the present project CHEFUB – “Creative high efficient and effective use of biomass” supported by EU Programme LIFE+ is the most important and this event was supported by this project as well.

Next part of programme was short environmental quiz that included ten questions concerning the previous lecture and presentation. This quiz proved the knowledge of the children. Each group was very successful and 43% of the children managed all 10 questions. Other 26% fail in 1 question.

After the quiz children were invited for the show round the pellet production unit. They were interested in tank truck for pellets transporting, pellets bags loader, functional fireplace showing the advantages of heating with pellets in practice. But the most attractive was the hamster living in aquarium with very special biodegradable litter for pets – wood pellets.

At the end of the programme BIOMASA ensured a trip to open air museum in Vychylovka. It is a museum of region Kysuce village with very special attraction – historical forest railway. Children could see the energy sources of our past used for heating, cooking, travelling, etc.

This first year of Green Week satellite event was very successful and BIOMASA would like to organize such event next year again.